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Nordic Travel Retail Group names Tallink/Silja Line's Magnus Skjörshammer as new board member – 17/04/08

Published: 17/04/08

Source: ©The Moodie Report

By Dermot Davitt

SCANDINAVIA. Tallink/Silja Line Duty Free Sales Purchasing Director Magnus Skjörshammer was yesterday elected to the board of the Nordic Travel Retail Group (NTRG) at the association’s Annual General Meeting. Skjörshammer replaces House of Prince International Sales Director Tage Juul-Christensen.

NTRG Chairman Erik Thomsen said: “We are very pleased to welcome Magnus to the board. He represents the ferry business which is by far the biggest [channel] in Nordic travel retail. We also see it as an advantage that Magnus is from Estonia. We have been working on getting new members into the association from the Baltic area through the last years. We need a truly Nordic and Baltic board.”

He added: “After seven years as a board member Tage Juul-Christensen from House of Prince has decided to withdraw from the board. He has been a very dedicated member of the board and I would like to thank him for his great work and commitment over the past years.”

The newly elected Board includes:
Erik Thomsen, Maxxium Global Travel Retail
Lars Hjartbo, MyTravel Airways
Jan Hesdorf, Hans Just
Morten Ejven, Travel Retail Norway
Lennart Anselmsson, Sundsservice AB;
Magnus Skjörshammer, Tallink/Silja Line Duty Free Sales
John Baumgartner, inflight Service Europe (alternate)
Lars Münter, Interbrands (alternate)

The Nordic Travel Retail Group gained three new members during 2007. Today the association includes 49 member companies from Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia.

Nordic Travel Retail Seminar 2008
The association’s next big event will be the 2008 Nordic Travel Retail Seminar from May 22 to May 23, which takes place on a Tallink/Silja Cruise Line between Stockholm and Tallinn.

Thomsen said: “Our aim is to inspire the key players in the Nordic travel retail business. The seminar will as always present prominent speakers, this year from the tobacco, fashion, spirits and confectionery business, to debate how travel retail is used as a marketing window for great brands. We expect that this year’s Nordic Travel Retail Seminar will gather the cream of the regional trade and as usual the seminar will also provide good opportunities for networking.”

The event will be moderated by The Moodie Report Deputy Publisher Dermot Davitt.

The Seminar is almost fully booked up. Further information and registration can be found via

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