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Kiehlís makes inflight debut onboard Korean Air; pledges US$1 from each early sale to The Smile Train Ė 01/10/08

Published: 01/10/08

Source: ©The Moodie Report

By Martin Moodie

A pioneering partnership with a social conscience: The Korean Air and Scental teams celebrate Kiehl's inflight debut
SOUTH KOREA, Scental, L'Orťal Luxury Products Travel Retail Asia Pacific, has teamed up with Korean Air to offer Kiehlís for the first time onboard an airline.

Korean Air is the worldís most successful inflight retailer Ė having generated sales of over US$200 million in 2007.
Kiehlís has developed a specific onboard offer for Korean Air: an exclusive Kiehlís branded tin box for the Lip Balm Trio, and environment-friendly packagings made of recycled paper for the Ultra Facial Moisturizer and Abyssine Cream +.

The brand will donate US$1 to cleft charity The Smile Train ( for each transaction during the first two months, thus helping children in over 75 countries.

Scental noted that Korean Air has shown major interest in the well-being brand and offered Kiehlís the means to achieve ďa perfect launchĒ onboard Ė a Kiehlís branded front cover of the airlineís SkyShop magazine, a double-page advertisement and an eight-page booklet about Kiehlís.

A neat eight-page insert in SkyShop for Kiehl's concludes with a full-page advertisement for cleft charity The Smile Train
In addition, a special Kiehlís event took place in the Korean Air crew lounge. During the whole month of September, 6,000 crew members had the opportunity to discover the world of Kiehlís and participate in a lottery.

The opening ceremony of the event (pictured) took place on 2 September in the presence of several VIPs, including Korean Air Vice President and Inflight Sales Director Heather Cho; Vice President of Inflight Sales Team Sun-Kwang So; General Manager of Inflight Sales Business Team Jung-Guk Jeong; Scental General Manager Rťmi Chadapaux; Scental Division Manager Emmanuel Goulin; and Kiehlís Brand Manager Estelle Cheng.

Chadapaux said: ďKiehlís and Korean Air are sharing the same values: a quest for excellence and a high dedication to the quality of providing superior service for their valued customers. This is why Korean Air was chosen to be the first airline in the world to sell Kiehlís products onboard.

ďKiehlís has always been involved in charity support, so once again this partnership is an opportunity to raise funds for cleft charity The Smile Train, and thus, turn tears into smiles.

ďNo doubt this first partnership is just the beginning of a bright era for Kiehlís inflight retail business.Ē

Korean Air chalks up another success with this stunning limited-edition cover for Kiehl's

As reported, Korean Airís innovative limited-edition version of SkyShop reached new heights with its September edition.

Dedicated to Kiehlís, it features a real blackboard, hanging on string and pinned to a front cover image representing Kiehlís trademark red brick wall that can be found in the brandís boutiques.

The blackboard even comes with two sticks of chalk for added authenticity.

Korean Air introduced the limited-edition concept in April, offering the customised version to consumer media and to brand partners.


Kiehlís began as a typical 19th century apothecary in 1851 supplying New Yorkers with pharmaceutical tonics and medicinal salves culled from natural ingredients. The brand offers skin, hair and body care products that are a blend of the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal and medicinal.

It made its travel retail debut with Nuance-Watson (HK) at Hong Kong International Airport in May 2006 and has proven a hot brand in the channel ever since as the well-being sector has flourished.

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