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Ron Brugal unveils new travel retail exclusives – 02/11/08

Published: 28/10/08

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By Yvonne Chia

Brugal Añejo Reserva (left) and Brugal Extra Viejo Reserva (right)
UK. The Edrington Group and Maxxium Global Travel Retail presened two new varieties from fast-growing Dominican Republic rum brand Ron Brugal – Brugal Añejo Reserva and Brugal Extra Viejo Reserva – at the TFWA World Exhibition last week.

The two new expressions from Brugal will be sold exclusively in the travel retail channel from January 2009.

Both reserve variants are created from a selection of aged rums with a long and intense maturation process, exceeding that of other rums.

The Añejo Reserva has a bright, clean, amber liquid with a woody aroma and a slight hint of chocolate and caramel.

The Extra Viejo Reserva has a dark, transparent amber hue and an aroma of wood, dried fruits, almonds and a touch of spice.

About Ron Brugal

Founded in 1888, Ron Brugal achieved 73% market share in the Dominican Republic in 2007 and is claimed to be the fastest-growing rum in Europe, specifically in Spain where it has increased its sales by +61% over a five-year period from 2002 – 2007.

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