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Partnership in practice: Diageo and World Duty Free prepare to open ‘Bar 5’ at London Heathrow T5 – 26/03/08

Published: 26/03/08

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By Dermot Davitt

Partnership at work: Diageo's Ron Anderson and World Duty Free's Mark Riches are preparing for the opening of the stunning new Bar 5 at Terminal 5 this week
UK. Diageo’s new cocktail bar at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 will be called Bar 5. The new bar, which opens tomorrow in association with World Duty Free, will serve a range of cocktails inspired by the glamour of air travel, with names including ‘Aeronaut’, ‘French 7t5’ and ‘Horizon Martini’.

The 8m long elliptical bar was designed by London-based JHP, which also created Bar 5’s brand identity. The bar centrepiece is a stunning, bespoke chandelier hovering above it at over seven metres in length. More than 250 Perspex rods with etched, glowing inner cores make up the design. The chandelier can subtly change colour from white through a full colour spectrum.

The cocktail menu features specially developed cocktails that use well-known and award winning Diageo brands, such as Tanqueray No. Ten and Smirnoff Black Vodka. The cocktails have been created exclusively for Bar 5 by the Gorgeous Group, a London-based creative bar consultancy.

Diageo Global Travel & Middle East Managing Director Ron Anderson said: “This cocktail bar and the extensive product offering epitomises Diageo’s vision of the future of travel retail, centred on amazing experiences for shoppers and travellers. The bar itself has been designed to such a high standard that we are confident travellers will enjoy a truly unique experience.”

Mark Riches, Managing Director of World Duty Free added: “The final touches to our stores are being put in place. Diageo’s cocktail bar is a further example of how these brand new, stores are going to look, sound and feel completely different.”

The cocktail menu features a menu created exclusively for Bar 5 by the Gorgeous Group, a London-based creative bar consultancy, and featuring key Diageo brands.

The extensive list of 12 specialist cocktails available includes ‘Final Call’, ‘Green Light’, ‘Moscow Mule’ and ‘T5Our’.

Diageo said: “Served by specially trained staff, the cocktail bar will not only delight passengers with the best cocktails in the world, it will also offer advice on what to drink before flying. Diageo’s commitment to responsible drinking will be carried through by offering consumers a range of non-alcoholic cocktails, including ‘Clear Skies’ and ‘Zero Turbulence’. The bar staff have undergone intensive training procedures and will be on-hand to offer customers invaluable advice on alcohol effects and unit limits.”

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Spirit of partnership flourishes as Diageo and World Duty Free partner in T5 cocktail bar – 29/01/08