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Dimensi Eksklusif debuts at KLIA’s Low-Cost Terminal – 13/05/09

Published: 12/05/09

Source: ©The Moodie Report

By Dermot Davitt

MALAYSIA. Leading travel retailer Dimensi Eksklusif has expanded its operations by opening a new 2,400sq ft landside store dedicated to the categories of fragrances & cosmetics and confectionery at Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s (KLIA) Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).

“It’s a single store devoted to those two product categories, at a fast-growing location,” Dimensi Eksklusif Managing Director Zainul Azman told The Moodie Report. A recent extension to the LCCT added 32,000sq m of floor space to the terminal, which now has capacity for 15 million passengers a year, mainly through low-cost carrier Air Asia. Malaysia Airports’ subsidiary Eraman operates the airside retail business. A new LCCT is scheduled to open by 2013, on a site closer to the main international airport.

Dimensi Eksklusif will also open a newly renovated beauty store at KLIA’s International Satellite Terminal this Friday.

“The renovation is part of phase three of the current KLIA Satellite Terminal upgrade,” said Azman. “The last phase begins soon and will include a refurbishment of our cigar store.”

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