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Nuance-Watson (HK) raises HK$60,000 in fund-raising drive for victims of Taiwan’s Morakot typhoon – 08/09/09

Published: 08/09/09

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By Dermot Davitt

HONG KONG/TAIWAN. Nuance-Watson (HK) today concluded a two-week charity drive that raised HK$60,000 (US$7,700) for victims of the devastating Morakot typhoon in Taiwan.

Morakot hit Taiwan on 7 August, causing widespread damage in the eastern and southern regions of the country. The storm also triggered the worst flooding in Taiwan in the past 50 years.

Nuance-Watson (HK) placed donation boxes across its major points of sale at Hong Kong International Airport to raise donations for the typhoon rehabilitation works in Taiwan; the two-week charity drive raised HK$60,000 (US$7,700)

From August 26 until today, September 8, the retailer placed donation boxes across its major points of sale at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) as well as in staff rooms and back offices to raise donations. The company invited its customers and its staff to help the typhoon relief and rehabilitation works in Taiwan.

The HK$60,000, which includes an additional corporate donation provided by the company, will go to the Hong Kong Red Cross to help the victims rebuild their lives.

Nuance-Watson Regional Managing Director Alessandra Piovesana sent her condolences to the victims and their families. She expressed her appreciation to customers and Nuance-Watson staff members for their generous donations and said she believed that every dollar would help the survivors of this disaster.


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