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Prestwick switches to new online parking service – 02/04/08

Published: 02/04/08

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By Rebecca Leslie

The home page of Glasgow Prestwick Airport's online parking reservation website
UK. Glasgow Prestwick Airport has adopted Parkspace, Chauntry’s award-winning pre-booking system for airport and parking operators.

Prestwick Airport has allowed customers to make online car parking reservations for a number of years, and it has been a popular service among travellers, according to Chauntry.

Now airport authority Infratil has switched to Chauntry Parkspace for a "more effective" parking operation, the company said.

The Parkspace system has been running at Prestwick for a few months and parking services before and after the change have been compared.

Talking about the results of the comparision, Infratil Airports Europe Group General Manager - Commercial & Property Graeme Sweenie said. “We’re selling more parking, making more money, and winning the battle against our off-airport competitors. With Parkspace we’re able to create and sell all manner of car park products – from non-amendable discounts to fully-flexible premium offers - something we simply couldn’t do before.”

Parkspace allows airport customers to manage their own bookings online, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, amend and extend or cancel their bookings themselves. “They don’t need to call us – they can do their own customer service,” added Sweenie.

Infratil has been closely monitoring the operation and is working with Chauntry to plan a deal for the rest of the group's airports, according to Chauntry.

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