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Bahrain Duty Free Shop extends consumer services offer with opening of new pharmacy outlet – 02/12/08

Published: 02/12/08

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By Dermot Davitt

The new pharmacy enhances the range of services Bahrain Duty Free offers to travellers at the the airport
BAHRAIN. Bahrain Duty Free Shop has opened a pharmacy unit in the Departures Hall at Bahrain International Airport, in partnership with local retail group Nasser Pharmacy.

Bahrain Duty Free General Manager Steve O’Connor said the move would enhance the range of services the company offers to travellers at the airport.

He said: “Our customer service expansion programme not only concentrates on attracting and bringing in additional international brands, but also takes into consideration the diversity of services that we provide to our valued customers, highlighted by the opening of this pharmacy in our shop complex at the airport.

“Bahrain Duty Free is committed to providing the best for the passengers, who are constantly growing in number, and we are working hard to further improve our services.”

Nasser is owned by powerful Bahrain-based holding and investment group Ramza Investment Company. Ramza CEO Dr. Fadhel Al Arrayedh said: “We are very happy to participate in the airport expansion project and to collaborate with the Bahrain Duty Free Shop Complex in the opening of our ninth branch, at the airport. We recognise the vast growth opportunity that the airport expansion programme prevails, and we look forward to providing the best health services and products, by making available a wide range of medicines, medical products, children’s requirements, cosmetics and other personal care products.”

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This is good news for travellers

Paul O'Neil

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