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Travel retail's great Revelation unveiled - 08/02/08

Published: 08/02/08

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By Martin Moodie

INTERNATIONAL. Bombay Sapphire Revelation, the remarkable US$200,000 a bottle ultra-luxury collaboration between the drinks, crystal, art and design worlds, took its public bow last night in London at Garrard, the world’s oldest jeweller. And the brand owners Bacardi confirmed that significant proceeds from the sale of the strictly limited-edition line will go to children's cleft charity The Smile Train (featured in the video on this page).

Surely the most ambitious travel retail exclusive in industry history, Revelation will be launched at five major international airport locations – starting with London Heathrow Airport (via World Duty Free) around 27 March to coincide with the opening of the new Terminal 5 and immediately afterwards at New York JFK Terminal 4 (DFS Group), Dubai International (Dubai Duty Free), Singapore Changi (DFS Group) and Sydney (The Nuance Group).

As reported, Revelation consists of five handmade crystal bottles individually decorated with diamonds and sapphires. Three leading names in luxury and design – crystal maker Baccarat, Garrard the jeweller and hot design talent Karim Rashid – joined forces to create the luxury project for the Bacardi-owned super-premium gin.

(Left) Gary Chau: "This is a very interesting collaboration between several luxury brands that has never been done."
(Right) Guests who made a donation to The Smile Train earned the chance to win a Garrard sapphire necklace

Guests at the opening were led to an upstairs private display room at Garrard last night for the launch. As a curtain was drawn back Revelation was shown to the public for the first time. Displayed behind glass like a rare and precious gem, the bottle proved a show-stopper, as we suspect it will in the airport environment. Guests were then treated to a specially created Bombay Sapphire-based cocktail called Sapphire Revelation.

Each of the decanters features an individually designed stopper decorated with sapphires and diamonds set by Garrard. Bacardi Director Global Travel Retail Worldwide Gary Chau told guests: “This is a very interesting collaboration between several luxury brands that has never been done before.

"It’s a US$1million collection of five bottles. Each one of those bottles will be launched simultaneously around the world in five airports.”

He confirmed the chosen beneficiary as cleft charity The Smile Train (, the subject of a major travel retail industry fund-raiser last year. "The Smile Train does a wonderful thing around the world. It provides surgery for cleft palates for children in third world countries. They do thousands of surgeries around the world for free and they also provide an education for doctors all around the world."

Baccarat Director, Public Events & Special Events Jaime Jiménez told guests: “All the partners involved have one thing in common, a passion for design and a passion for perfection. I believe that we have brought that to life in Revelation.” [Readers can listen to Jaime Jiménez by clicking on The Moodie Podcast below].

Imogen Scrutton from Garrard said: “We were first approached by Bombay Sapphire about six months ago to work on this exciting project. We have a very long-standing relationship with the image of Bombay Sapphire. Each bottle features the crown of Queen Victoria which Garrard created in 1870. So we were delighted to be asked to create something that would crown the Bombay Sapphire Revelation bottle.”

Bacardi Managing Director – Global Travel Retail Maurice Doyle told The Moodie Report: “Bombay Sapphire as a brand has its roots in design and this is, I think, the ultimate expression of design.

“The great thing about it, parochially, is that it is a travel retail exclusive, the bottles will only be sold in travel retail. It’s been designed by the travel retail team and it will have benefits for Bombay Sapphire across all markets.”

He continued: “When I came into travel retail two years ago I thought that we as Bacardi, but also the category, had huge potential if we added excitement and glamour and that is what we are trying to do here.

“I talked to you two years ago when we got started about trying to make sure we could add excitement and be really, really premium. But even in my wildest dreams I never thought that two years later we would be sitting here in Garrard with a beautiful, beautiful US$200,000 work of art – it’s not a bottle, it’s a work of art.”

The luxury worlds of crystal, jewellery, design - and super-premium gin - converge with Revelation

The creator: Bombay Sapphire

The travel retail Revelations of Maurice Doyle
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Bombay Sapphire is claimed to be unlike any other gin or any other spirit. The master distiller for Bombay Sapphire ( hand-selects a unique combination of the finest botanicals from around the world.

Based on a secret 1761 recipe, the spirit is delicately infused with the aromatic flavours of 10 botanical ingredients. The result is a complex and refined taste which gives Bombay Sapphire an extraordinary mixability in an endless number of classic and contemporary cocktails. The striking translucent blue Bombay Sapphire bottle reflects the distinctive taste of the spirit inside and is recognised around the world for its inspiring design.

The designer: Karim Rashid

“Design is about the betterment of our lives poetically, aesthetically, experientially, sensorially and emotionally. To change human nature is to change the world,” says Karim Rashid

His internationally acclaimed work has won numerous awards, features in the permanent collections of 16 museums worldwide and covers a broad range of design disciplines. Karim was born in Cairo, raised in England and Canada, and now practices in New York. His association with Bombay Sapphire began when he designed a martini cocktail glass inspired by Bombay Sapphire in 1999. He is a member of the Bombay Sapphire Foundation set up to support contemporary design.

The jeweller: Garrard

The jewellers and silversmiths set the stones that form the centrepiece of Revelation in their in-house London workshops following a tradition of excellence that dates back to 1735, when Garrard was established.

Garrard is the oldest jewellery house in the world, synonymous with fine craftsmanship and service and was honoured with the title of Crown Jeweller in 1843. Garrard made the crown in 1870 that Queen Victoria wears in the famous image that appears on the Bombay Sapphire bottle.

A sapphire set in each glass stopper by Garrard is the centrepiece of Revelation.

Baccarat's crystal clear vision
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The crystal maker: Baccarat

Founded in 1764, Baccarat is recognised globally as the eminent creator of luxury crystal.

With more than 3,000 permanent references, from traditional crystal lighting to stemware, barware and home décor, and with commissions for the likes of Japanese Emperors and Russian Tsars, as well as European royalty, Baccarat is rightly proud of its heritage.

For over 200 years, Baccarat has illuminated royal palaces and presidential residences worldwide. The traditional crystal-making skills are passed down through generations and the deftness of touch, attention to detail and rigorous drive for perfection create a flawless beauty from what begins, incredibly, as sand.

But even this most basic ingredient is carefully sourced, and a closely guarded secret. When you have the secret to perfection, you give nothing away.


The Smile Train www.SmileTrain.Org is the world’s largest and most cost-effective cleft charity. 100% of donations goes directly towards programmes. All overheads are met separately.

Since 1999 The Smile Train has provided free cleft surgery to over 400,000 children and trained tens of thousands of medical professionals. It now has programmes and partners in 61 countries.

A simple surgical procedure, costing around US$250, can cure 100% of all clefts, but it is beyond reach for families in many emergent countries.

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